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success business

10 Steps to a Successful Business

To have a successful business, you need to follow some good habits. Many people start a business, thinking once they open the doors that the money will start flowing in. Making money is more difficult than they thought. Following these tips can help you obtain a successful business. Have a Business Plan Many business owners develop […]

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Life Lessons

10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dad

My dad left us early and is spending his first Father’s Day in Heaven. I’ve done a lot of reflecting since his death. My dad would not have won any Father of the Year awards, but I loved him and he taught me some very valuable life lessons.

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Need More Time?

If Only I Had More Time…

Have you ever wished you had more time? It’s very common to hear small business owners say ‘If only I had more time…’ As a leading CPA firm in Lincoln, Nebraska, Bryant & Associates, P.C. knows that time is the most precious resource on the planet. However, we don’t always treat it that way. In […]

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Can That App Save Time and Money?

Here at Bryant & Associates P.C., a full-service tax service for small businesses, we understand the technology side of the accounting industry is rapidly changing and expanding. Literally hundreds, if not thousands of new companies and new software applications have sprung up to help small businesses automate their processes and save time and money.

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Six Common Payroll Mistakes to Avoid

Getting payroll checks done has gotten so much easier than it used to be for small business owners. Many small business owners use software, such as QuickBooks, to calculate their payroll. Mistakes can still be made…and there are still some minefields when it comes to state and federal compliance. If your small business has payroll, […]

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