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Our blog is always written in-house by our expert team. From the need to know content about taxes and processes to tips to running a successful business, this blog is jammed packed with value-added content.

Avoid These Tax Ploys in 2014

Here at Bryant & Associates P.C. located in Lincoln, Nebraska, we want to inform you about the possible tax tricks you may have not known about for 2014. The American

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Is your business using the right accounting system?

Have you ever tried on a shirt or jeans and found they didn’t fit at all? They looked great on the hangar, but that was the end of it. Accounting systems come in all sizes, shapes, and colors just like clothing; and just like clothing, some accounting systems fit your business better than others. It’s not that easy to spot in a mirror when an accounting system does not fit a business, but there are other signs that will give it away.

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Tax Return Checklist

It’s always helpful to organize your tax information and supporting documents before you begin the process of preparing your tax return. Our team at Bryant & Associates has created a tax return checklist that can help you gather documents you may need to complete your income tax returns.

As you start to gather items on this tax return checklist, put them inside a folder and check the item off the list. Cross off any items that don’t apply. This will make your tax preparation much easier.

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