7 Ways Happy Employees Are More Productive

Creating a workplace with happy employees isn’t as hard as most business owners may think. Research shows most employees leave their jobs due to feeling unappreciated or undervalued. Surprised? It’s not to say that salary is never a factor, but feeling valued is more important.

The small business specialists at Bryant & Associates PC can help you with ideas to keep your employees happy. And, happy employees can have a positive influence on your business, customer relations, and overall profit margin. Here are 7 ways happy employees are more productive and increase your bottom line.

Lead By Example

Do you show up with a positive attitude every day? In addition to your attitude, show your employees your commitment and dedication you have in the business. Your employees will follow your lead and be more optimistic. And thus, more productive.

Set Clear Objectives

When employees have clear objectives, they can track their progress. This allows them to determine if they need additional resources to meet their objectives in a timely manner. Setting objectives also provides a sense of purpose to tasks performed daily.

Find Out What Inspires Your Workforce

Conduct a survey to find out what your workforce wants and what it will take to retain them. Knowing what motivates your employees allows you to keep on top of employee engagement. Keep in mind it costs less to retain a current employee than it does to hire and train a new employee. So, finding out what inspires your employees will save your business money.

Invest In Your Employees

Does your small business have a program in place to provide continued professional growth? Be sure to invest in your employees’ skill sets to help them be successful. Even exposing your workforce to multiple trainings and job rotation will enhance their enthusiasm for general business procedures. Additionally, it may minimize boredom and discontentment. Investing in your employees lets them know they are important members of the team.

Create A Time-Off Bank

Change the conventional way of giving vacation individual, and sick leave. The bank allows employees to choose when to take time off. This allows them to manage their total time off. Employees are less likely to take time off unexpectedly, which allows for all positions to be covered. Additionally, employees feel empowered to make decisions about personal needs.

Offering Flexible Work Options

The 8 to 5 office hours are gone. Many employees are still expected to work 40 hours, but they are doing it on their term. This allows them to maintain a work-life balance. Many companies are showing a 30-60% in productivity due to the flexible work hours.

Team Building Activities

It is also important to create a good work environment by developing team building activities. These can be done in many ways, but a fun way can be to celebrate some unusual holidays. While these may seem like a distraction from getting work done, these get-togethers allow the employees to learn more about each other. Thus, the employees’ performance will improve. And if employee performance increases, your business will see benefits also.

With so much riding on your happiness of your employees, it’s important to be sure you are investing in your employees. With the help of Bryant & Associates, P.C., you can do just that. Our team of CPAs and small business accounting professionals provide a wide variety of services, from bookkeeping to tax services to payroll, that can keep your business running smoothly while you focus on the big picture. Give us a call today at (402) 423-0404 and let us help you focus on your small business.

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