Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Small Business Spilled Milk_Bryant & AssociatesFebruary 11th is National “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day” and you shouldn’t be crying over spilled milk!

I remember as a child, we were just sitting down for dinner one evening at the dinner table.  My dad was home, so we gathered around the kitchen table.  (My dad traveled quite a bit for his job, so if he was gone, we got to go out one night and the other night we got to eat in front of the television…big treats!)  I don’t remember the particular events leading up to “the event”, but, I knocked my glass of milk over…spilling it all over the table and floor.  I was yelled at…by both of my parents…and told that I could ‘clean it up myself!’  As I was cleaning the milk up, all I could think was ‘it was just an accident.’

I don’t know why this childhood memory has stuck with me so strongly.  Maybe I needed this lesson early in life to prepare me for owning a small business today!  Small business owners are going to make mistakes.  They seem to make more mistakes in their early years.  The keys to overcoming your mistakes are to:

  • Identify the mistakes.
  • Accept that you made a mistake.
  • Know what you did incorrectly and correctly.
  • Use the mistake to better your business processes, your employees and yourself.

Making a mistake or having a challenge within your small business forces you to take a look at your business.  Is there a way to improve an existing process?  Or, is now the time to implement a process so that everyone is doing things the same way?

Making mistakes can have a negative impact on a business.  So, instead of “Crying Over Spilled Milk”, look at the mistake as an opportunity to make your business more successful.

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