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Keeping Proper Records

One of the things we’ve really enjoyed about Bryant & Associates, P.C. is the availability and professionalism of the staff. When we call, someone is always there to help point us in the right direction. The whole office functions in an efficient and friendly manner.

Unknown to us, we were not keeping proper records in a couple of vital areas. We were made aware of this and further we were supplied with the appropriate advice, paperwork and templates to manage it going forward. Our internal systems are better, more thorough, and it is comforting to know we have top-flight professionals standing behind us, just a phone call away.

Bryant & Associates, P.C. has an incredible passion for working with small business owners and it is very apparent. They understand the pressures and time constraints that small business owners are under and they seek to solve their bookkeeping, accounting and compliance issues in a professional but caring fashion.

Jeff & Tracy Madsen, Pro Care Cleaning, Inc.


More Free Time

Before I started using the services of Bryant & Associates, P.C., I was spending a lot of time on payroll, bank reconciliations, and general accounting paperwork. They have taken over these tasks for me allowing me to focus on patient care. With them looking at my records throughout the year, I know I am getting all the deductions I’m entitled to. And, my internal systems are now very organized.

Bryant & Associates, P.C. has great personal service and I would highly recommend them! – Denneal Stauffer, Freedom Chiropractic


No Harsh Surprises

Bryant & Associates, P.C. is very knowledgeable and prompt. They always provide a quick turn around with my work. When they notice any issues or concerns, they call me.

Before using Bryant & Associates, P.C., I was not paying enough in quarterly taxes and was getting hammered at the end of the year. Now, I know where I’m at and because of the tax planning they do during the year, I’m not surprised at the end of the year.

They are doing their job and doing business the right way – you will not be disappointed! – Kelly Jacob, Kelly’s Auto Repair


Quick and Timely Communication

In 2007, we started working with a company in Lincoln who writes newsletters. One of the main reasons for the change in accounting firms was the lack of accessibility the business owner was receiving with their accountant at that time. The lack of accessibility caused issues with tax filings being prepared timely and questions regarding the business weren’t being answered.

To quote the business owner, “Since switching to Bryant & Associates, P.C., business has become easier due to a significant improvement in accessibility and turn-around time. They take care of all our tax filings and many of the calculations. Any questions that come up are answered quickly.”

Communication with small business owners is crucial to the success of their business. We are a small office, but we are a team…so, we are all aware of what is going on with our clients and can help when a client calls.

The business owner summed it up by saying, “When we call, our accountant is there, always friendly and very helpful. They have helped us grow. I consider them more than an accounting firm. I consider them friends.


Clean Bookwork

When one client came to our firm, he had no idea what his previous bookkeeper had been doing. His bookkeeper had recently quit. The client was trying to figure out what he needed to do with his financial information and tax reports. He came to our firm looking for someone who would clean up his bookwork and maintain it on a regular basis, so that he would not have the stress of having to worry about things.

We helped this client by reviewing the bookwork that his previous bookkeeper had done for him. It was discovered that some expenses had been put into the wrong categories, payroll tax deposits had not been made, and that certain tax reports had not been filed. We spent time getting to know the client by asking questions about not only his business, but his family too. We looked at each expense and put it into the correct category, we began preparing all the tax reports and making the necessary payments, and we helped him become better organized with his paperwork.

Today, this client never worries about his book work. We do that for him. His tax reports are filed on time, and all tax payments are scheduled for him. His financial statements reflect the current financial status of his business, which is vital when he considers making a change to an aspect of his business. He spends his evenings and weekends relaxing with family and friends, because he knows that we have things covered for him. – Bryant  & Associates Team

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